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BALI community attorneys perform 3250 hours of pro bono work

In 2019, BALI community attorneys performed 3250 hours of pro bono work! 
In the midst of all the bad news circulating, we’re proud to share the impact our BALI attorneys are making in our community. BALI │ Bay Area Legal Incubator is a coaching community for solo attorneys dedicated to providing affordable legal services and promoting …Read More

ACBA Member Spotlight – Jocelyn Sperling and Janice Cho

Spotlight: ACBA Members and Legal Access Volunteers Jocelyn Sperling and Janice Cho
An immigration attorney at our local nonprofit partner, Centro Legal de la Raza, contacted us with an urgent request for assistance in a case involving a Salvadoran mother (“Marta”) seeking custody of her daughter (“Nidia”), age 17. Custody is a prerequisite for Nidia’s eligibility …Read More