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Disaster Real Estate/Racial Justice Attorney

Updated June

General Description

The Disaster Legal Assistance Collaborative (DLAC) offers free legal services to those impacted by disasters throughout Northern California (Monterey and north). DLAC is staffed by Legal Access Alameda (Legal Access).  This position is an exempt, full-time position responsible for supporting disaster preparedness and response work.

This position is anticipated to be largely remote.  The person will be required to do some travel throughout Northern California to make presentations to community groups or to offer services after a disaster.  This person will also coordinate volunteers to make those presentations.  We are open to hiring someone based anywhere in Northern California.

Overview:  Disaster survivors face many legal issues which create significant obstacles to their recovery. One of the most challenging ones is not having clear title to a home.  Often, particularly in lower income families, title is held in the name of someone long dead, and the family has not had the resources to update it.  Then, when disaster strikes, they are deemed ineligible for FEMA or insurance benefits, because they cannot prove that they own the property that was damaged or destroyed.  This, in turn, can mean the difference between being able to recover from a terrible disaster, and spiraling even more deeply into poverty and homelessness. 

Clear title is a key part of family wealth preservation, too, which is very much a racial justice issue.  Many of the families that we see with these issues are people of color, and the lack of clear title affects not just the person immediately affected, but that family’s ability to build wealth

This position will contribute to the important work of disaster preparedness and disaster recovery by

  • Reaching out to vulnerable Californians who may not have clear title, and helping them clear their title, making them more prepared for a disaster and allowing them to preserve their family assets
  • Responding to those affected by a disaster, and helping them clear title in order to qualify for assistance.

This attorney will do public education, help design the program and work on creative outreach methods, do legal work for both groups of client (pre and post disaster), and train and support pro bono attorneys to do all of these tasks. 

Key Duties

Community Outreach and Education

  1. Working with other team and collaborative staff, design, conduct and coordinate informational legal clinics, and community education presentations, online and in person, to promote an understanding of:
    1. What it means to have clear title, and how to identify if your title is not clear
    2. What you will need to do to clear your title, and why it’s important
    3. For disaster survivors, how to anticipate title problems with FEMA applications and other assistance.

We have another staff person who is working on community outreach and education more generally, so this position will work closely with that person. 

  1. Collaborate with partner agencies to reach out to disaster survivors.
  2. Work with community services providers throughout Northern California to set up presentations (both remote and in person) on these issues.
  3. Working with other team and collaborative staff, design and produce learning materials to be used in presentations to the public, and to be disseminated at senior centers, public libraries, and other locations, including videos and podcasts
  4. Working with other team and collaborative staff, oversee the creation of videos, social media posts, etc.
  5. Conduct presentations and outreach to public librarians, social services providers, and others to increase understanding of the items listed in 1, above.

Legal Representation

  1. Take on cases throughout Northern California, representing those with title that needs clearing. At first this will be a fair amount of the work, to allow the person to learn the law and the practice.  Later, more cases will be handled by pro bono attorneys under this attorney’s supervision.

Pro Bono Coordination

  1. Recruit, train, support, and encourage pro bono attorneys and other volunteers in doing this outreach, including working with local bar associations throughout Northern California to recruit volunteers.
  2. Work with other disaster staff to keep online resources updated and useful for volunteers.
  3. Work with other disaster staff to track and monitor pro bono sign ups and activity.
  4. Enroll any volunteers who will be under Legal Access professional liability insurance in accordance with all requirements for Legal Access volunteer enrollment process
  5. Work with regional partners to deploy volunteers where they are needed, while being mindful of local self-determination issues.
  6. Help design and implement clinics and presence at governmental/nonprofit resource sites to provide legal services as needed, in person or remotely.
  7. Research and implement platforms and tools to enable better legal services delivery remotely.


  1. Working with other Disaster Preparedness staff, prepare all required reporting on the grant funding this work. (There is another staff member to help work on data gathering and reporting.)


  1. Attend and participate in meetings of regional and statewide disaster legal services groups.
  2. Staff and coordinate working groups of DLAC Nor Cal.
  3. Keep open and regular lines of communication with partner agencies, in order to ensure a smooth and non-duplicative continuum of service.

Staff meetings

  1. Attend regular staff meetings for disaster legal services project, Legal Access Alameda, and the Alameda County Bar.

Remote service delivery

  1. Be fluent in the use of Zoom meeting, Blue Jeans, Go To Meeting, Slack, and other tech platforms in use during and after the pandemic

Other duties as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Bar Admission in California (must be current and in good standing)
  • Commitment to social justice and access to justice for low-income and disadvantaged communities.
  • Ability to work with volunteers, exercise sound judgment, take initiative on projects, and juggle multiple activities.
  • Sense of humor.

No particular substantive legal experience required. 

Ability to converse in Spanish or Chinese a plus.

Salary range:  $62,400 – $65,000, depending on experience

Medical, dental, and vision benefits provided.

Please submit resume AND COVER LETTER to