Personal Injury? Wrongful Termination?

If you have been injured (for example in a car accident or in a slip & fall) or you were injured or wrongfully terminated at work or you are applying for Social Security Disability, please

ACBA Lawyer Referral Service

50+ Years of Service to the Community

The Alameda County Lawyer Referral Service (LRS) has been the trusted source for lawyer referrals in Alameda County for over 50 years. The State Bar of California regulates and certifies our program. 

Our LRS can match you with a carefully pre-screened local lawyer qualified to help you with your legal needs. Let us do the upfront work for you, so you can focus on getting your legal problem resolved quickly.

Starting Monday, July 29, 2024 we will re-institute the $40 client administrative fee which guarantees you the opportunity to consult with an experienced attorney for up to 30 minutes.

Ready to talk to a lawyer? 3 Options:

Option 1: Client Self Referral & Booking

You can get referred to an attorney anytime of the day or night through our fully automated online referral system.  It’s quick and easy to get an attorney referral. If you do not see an appointment available, you can try options two or three below.

need a lawyer

Option 2: Leave us an Online Request

This is the quickest way to reach one of our referral specialists. 

Leave us an online request if:

  • You have been injured, for example in a car accident or in a slip and fall;
  • You have been injured or wrongfully terminated at work;
  • You are seeking to apply for Social Security Disability Insurance;
  • You qualify for our limited modest means legal services;
  • You have low-income and you qualify for Legal Access Alameda’s free legal advice clinics in Family Law or Chapter 7 Consumer Bankruptcy;
  • Or if you would like to contact a referral specialist.

Option 3: Call 510.302.2222 and Press Option 4

The LRS phone lines are open on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Press 1 if you’d like to leave a message in Spanish.


You can reach us anytime by choosing option #1 or option #2.

Please note that the ACBA LRS does not guarantee that you will be connected to a lawyer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the ACBA Lawyer Referral Service work?

Our Lawyer Referral Service has been the trusted source for lawyer referrals in Alameda County for over 50 years. The State Bar of California regulates and certifies our program. For most areas of law, we can provide you with up to two attorney referrals.

Upon contacting the attorney, you would arrange for a free initial consultation that will last no more than 30 minutes. After the consultation, the attorney will decide if they can represent or assist you. We cannot guarantee that an attorney will take your case; this is a decision for the attorney to make.

If the attorney is able to represent you, the attorney will discuss with you their fee schedule. Most attorneys charge an hourly rate for their time. A typical hourly rate will range between $400 to $500 per hour. Some attorneys also charge a retainer fee that can range between $3,000 to $5,000.

We also have a new option to book an online appointment directly with an attorney on our panel any time day or night. 

How do I know I’m getting the right lawyer for my case?

The Alameda County lawyer referral service has attorneys practicing in more than 70 different areas of law. We screen all LRS attorneys for their experience, knowledge and professionalism.

Why not just find a lawyer in the phone book or ask a friend?

People have trusted our LRS for lawyer referrals in Alameda County for more than 50 years. We are regulated and certified by the State Bar of California. All LRS attorneys are pre-screened for their experience, knowledge, and professionalism. Additionally, all LRS attorneys are required to carry malpractice insurance. This allows you and your attorney to focus on what’s important—resolving your legal problem.

Is the $40 administrative fee non-refundable?

Yes, the $40 administrative fee is non-refundable.  Your credit card will only be charged if a lawyer is available to provide you with an initial consultation (that will last no more than 30 minutes). If a lawyer is not available to speak with you, your credit card will not be charged.  If for some reason your credit card is charged and an attorney is not available to speak with you, you will quickly be provided with a refund.

Will I be guaranteed that a lawyer will take my case?

No, you will not be guaranteed that a lawyer will take your case.  The payment of the $40 administrative fee guarantees you an initial phone consultation with an experienced lawyer for up to 30 minutes.  The lawyer will use this time to find out more about your legal issue to see if they can assist you.  If you and the lawyer agree to work together, the lawyer will discuss their fees and ask you to sign an agreement.

I need free legal help. Can you help me?

You may be able to attend one of Legal Access Alameda’s free legal advice clinics. Legal Access Alameda offers free legal clinics in Family Law and in Chapter 7 Consumer Bankruptcies.  Lawyers do not go to court with you.  To see if you qualify, click here to leave an online message or call 510.302.2222, press option 4.

I am unhappy with my LRS lawyer.  What can I do?

You may speak with the head of the ACBA Lawyer Referral Service, You may file a complaint against any CA lawyer with the State Bar of California by calling 1 800.843.9053 or clicking here.

How much does a lawyer in the Bay Area cost?

$400/hr to $500/hr.

How long will it take for me to get a referral to a lawyer?

If you choose option #1 Client Self Referral & Booking, you may get name and contact details of a lawyer right away.

If you choose option #2 and leave us an online request, you will likely be contacted by a referral specialist within 48 hours.

Where can I find a list of legal resources?

Click here to view our page of resources.

Common Areas of Law

These are just examples of the legal areas we may be able help with. 

DISCLAIMER: Your use of the LRS does not create an attorney-client relationship between you and the ACBA, the LRS, or the attorneys to whom you are referred unless you retain that attorney’s services. However, your communications, whether by phone or email, are confidential.


Individual and commercial bankruptcy, collections, debt collection defense


Contract drafting & review, starting or ending a business, business (re)organization, business disputes

Criminal Defense





Wrongful termination, discrimination, wage and hour, review of employment & severance agreements, advice for employers


Divorce, spousal support, child custody, visitation, and support, adoption


Deportation defense, visas, political asylum


Social Security

Applications and appeals of Social Security Disability Insurance and/or SSI

Personal Injury

Vehicle accidents, slip and falls, medical malpractice

Real Estate - Landlord Tenant

Loss or damage to real property, quieting title, border disputes, landlord-tenant disputes, evictions

Small Claim Court Appeals

Wills and Trusts

Estate plans, probate litigation, conservatorships, and guardianships

Worker's Compensation

State Bar Certified LRS
ABA LRIS Approval

A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau

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