About the Section

The Business Section provides MCLE programs and networking events for business and tax attorneys and other legal professionals. Typically, the Business Section produces four to six MCLE programs each year, and at least one networking event. The Business Section also produces a quarterly electronic newsletter distributed to all section members.

To join the Business Law Section, log into your Membership Portal and click on “Purchase Section” or call (510) 302-2201.

Upcoming Events

March 8, 2017 from 12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m.
Employment Law Update for Business Owners
This program will focus on recent developments in case law and the bills signed into law affecting California employers. Speaker Jenn Protas will share what business owners need to understand to comply with the changes and how to implement policies to satisfy new requirements.

March 16, 2017 from 12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m.
Elder Mediation and Estate Planning: Dispute Resolution Before They Die
The parties to a post-death dispute often settle in mediation, right before trial. Should attorneys consider mediation before pleadings have been filed? Or even during the estate planning process? Join the ACBA Trusts & Estates, ADR, Business, and Real Estate Sections as we explore these questions and more. Engage in a dialogue between an optimist and a skeptic about the uses of facilitated conversations while estate planning clients are still alive.

New events are added regularly. Visit the ACBA Calendar for more upcoming events.

Why You Should Join

Do you work from home or in an office where you don’t have much of contact with other attorneys? Do you work in a firm and feel the need to get some fresh perspectives and learn how other practitioners are handling the business matters you encounter? Do you have a business law question that never seems to get answered in the usual MCLE course? Need advice about managing your practice, or a second opinion about whether to invest in new software a vendor tried to sell you?

If so, consider joining the Business Law Section. We are a friendly, accessible group of attorneys spanning a wide spectrum of ages, experience levels and interests. Members practice at firms ranging in size from solo to boutique to large law firms, and possess expertise in a variety of substantive areas. New members are always welcome and the Section offers valuable opportunities to market your practice, showcase your talents, and forge new connections.

We are always looking for enthusiastic attorneys to contribute articles for our newsletter, develop or present MCLE topics, or simply share war stories. Please check the Events Calendar for our upcoming programs. Contact Hadassah Hayashi at hadassah@acbanet.org or 510-302-2200 for more information.

Former Business Section Secretary, Randy Wilson, describes the benefits of his membership:

“Practicing as solo can be isolating. Being able to pick the brain of other practitioners, attorneys who have faced and solved a wide range of business law issues, is something that the Business Law Section provides. The section presents 5 or 6 practical and timely MCLE programs a year geared towards busy practitioners. On top of that, they provide a newsletter with practice tips and suggestions on topics not covered in law reviews and journals. I highly recommend getting involved with this group!”

Business Section Vice Chair, Tom Maier, outlines how his membership has helped his practice:

“Becoming involved in the Business Section has afforded me a great way to connect with other practitioners. Practicing as a solo can become lonely and isolating, but the Business Section has provided me with a network of colleagues and friends that I can call upon for professional advice, a second opinion, or simply a lunch companion every now and again. The MCLE programs are convenient and timely, and the section’s camaraderie fills the professional void I’d otherwise face without the benefit of daily interaction with partners and coworkers.”

Business Section Newsletters

August 2016 Newsletter

  • MCLE – Drafting Tips From the Trenches: What We Learned From Contracts Gone Bad Read more
  • October Lunch Hour Seminar – Data Privacy and Protection: EU-U.S. Privacy Shield and Other Recent Developments Read More
  • November Lunch Hour Seminar – Nonprofit Hybrid Structures Read More
  • Nonprofit News – Dissolution of Inactive California Nonprofit Organizations Read More
  • LLCs – If a Worker is a Partner, Can That Worker Also Be an Employee? Read More
  • 2016 ACBA Business Section Executive Committee – Welcome Cameron Holland Read More

May 2016 Newsletter

  • IRS – Owe Money to the IRS? You Might Lose Your Passport Read More
  • Term Sheets – Can a Non-Binding Term Sheet Ever Support a Claim for Expectation Damages? Delaware Supreme Court Says Yes Read More
  • 2016 ACBA Business Section Executive Committee – Welcome Hash Zahed Read More
  • Delaware – Registration to do Business in Delaware Does Not Create General Jurisdiction Over Non-Delaware Corporation Read More

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The Executive Committee

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Pritzker Levine LLP
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Jonathan Levine
Thomas A. Maier

Futterman Dupree Dodd Croley Maier LLP
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Thomas Maier
Rafael R. Pacquing

2930 Shattuck Avenue, Suite 200-6
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Rafael Pacquing
Elaine Betts

Go Far Consulting
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Elaine Betts
Cameron Holland

The Law Office of Cameron Holland
2925 Marina Drive
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Cameron Holland
Donald Lancaster

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Donald Lancaster
Brian A. Ripley

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Brian Ripley
Hash Zahed

SPZ Legal, P.C.
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Hash Zahed
Hadassah Hayashi

Membership & Education Manager
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