Cannabis Section

Welcome to the ACBA’s newest section created especially for attorneys interested in the cannabis industry. 

Although small, the Cannabis section has dedicated committee filled with passionate and experienced lawyers focusing on cannabis business law, public policy, and financing. The Committee anticipates a large growth period for the section, reflective of the growth seen in the commercial cannabis space seen both in the state of California, across the nation, and across international borders. We strive to provide an ongoing forum for our members to network and become familiar with existing and new laws affecting commercial cannabis industry. The Executive Committee intends to provide robust and substantial continuing education programs presented by knowledgeable and experienced people so our members can obtain timely information relevant to the fast pace of cannabis public policy change.

If you have time, please note that we have a standing invitation for any interested attorney to attend our Executive Committee meetings where lively discussions of current events frequently occur and gripes about the cannabis industry are exchanged. 

The goal of the Committee is to provide information and networking opportunities to provide clients with the best information possible to create a compliant, legal, and profitable commercial cannabis business.

Upcoming Programs and Events

The Business of Cannabis: Regulation, Permitting and Environmental Compliance

New events are added regularly. Visit the ACBA calendar for more upcoming ACBA events. 


Dominic Ripoli

Elevated Consulting
125 12th St Suite 100-BALI
Oakland, CA

A lifelong California native, Dominic graduated from Golden Gate School of Law in 2015 and began his career as a cannabis legal consultant. In 2017 Dominic passed the California bar and is currently practicing cannabis law. Dominic recently started Elevated Consulting. A solo law practice where Dominic is CEO. Elevated Consulting is a member of the Bay Area Legal Incubator (BALI). BALI provides Elevated Consulting the support and resources of a corporate firm, in exchange, Dominic provides modest means and lo-bono legal services. Elevated Consulting is focused on the emerging regulated California commercial cannabis industry. With a focus on “Cannabis Equity Clients”. Elevated Consulting is dedicated to seeing the local programs meant to right-the-wrongs of the “War on Drugs” be fairly implemented, but more importantly, implemented sustainably. Dominic holds a BA in Legal Communications from Howard University.


Laura Altieri

Vine Legal Group

Laura Altieri

Laura practiced alcohol beverage law in-house at the world’s largest winery and, familiar with state and federally regulated industries, has turned her attention to a new industry being reborn after a long Prohibition.  Her practice focuses on compliance, corporate issues and venture fund formation, as well as commercial transactions.  Laura is a double Golden Bear (BA, JD) and has an MA from Johns Hopkins.


Shay Aaron Gilmore

Shay Gilmore Law 

Shay Aaron Gilmore is an attorney working with cannabis companies across California who are engaged in all aspects of the legal cannabis industry – including cultivation, manufacturing, product labeling and packaging, distribution and retail sales. Prior to practicing in the cannabis space, Shay worked as in-house counsel for national and global financial services companies. While working as in-house counsel, Shay implemented company-wide compliance programs, conducted corporate investigations, and worked with business partners to negotiate and draft agreements to meet business objectives. Shay graduated from The University of Texas School of Law in 2001. Following law school, in 2004, Shay was awarded the State Bar of California’s Wiley W. Manuel Award for Outstanding Pro Bono Legal Services. Shay serves as the current Vice-Chair of the Bar Association of San Francisco’s Cannabis Law Committee. Shay holds a B.A. in Economics, Spanish and Policy Studies from Rice University and a J.D. from the University of Texas School of Law.


Daniel Dellafosse

Law Office of Daniel Dellafosse
125 12th Street, Suite 100-BALI
Oakland, CA 94607

Daniel Dellafosse is a bay area native.  He provides corporate and business legal services to tech startups, small to mid-size businesses, and startups or existing businesses in California’s newest emerging industry.  His compliance practice area focuses on local permitting and state licensing for all businesses looking to enter or continue in California’s newest industry.  Daniel earned his undergraduate business degree from San Diego State University.  After a ten year career as a sales representative in the medical device industry, he decided to go to law school.  He graduated in 2016 with honors from the University of San Francisco School of Law.  Shortly after graduation, he started his solo practice as a participant in the Bay Area Legal Incubator (BALI).  He enjoys cooking, fishing, and spending time with his family.  


Natalia Ventsko

Natasha Ventsko

Natasha Ventsko is an attorney and a social worker. She received her BSW from San Jose State University, Juris Doctorate from Loyola College of Law New Orleans, MSW from Southern University of New Orleans, and a LL.M in Taxation at the University of San Francisco. Natasha is a participant of the Alameda County Bar Association’s (ACBA) incubator program- Bay Area Legal Incubator (BALI). In partnership with BALI Natasha has launched a solo tax practice where she focuses on providing tax assistance to modest means clients and other communities that have tax needs. Natasha is a member of the Louisiana State Bar Association, the Bar Association of San Francisco, the Alameda County Bar Association, and a board member of the Estate Planning Council of Southern Alameda County.