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Criminal Court Appointed Attorneys Program

The Criminal Court Appointed Attorneys Program (CAAP) administers the conflicts program for the County of Alameda 

Through this program, qualified attorneys represent indigent criminal defendants or minors whenever the public defender is restrained by a conflict of interest. The program maintains a panel of  qualified private attorneys who provide professional and excellent representation for those entitled to court appointed attorneys.

CAAP is committed to the promotion of justice and high standards of professionalism, competency, diligence, and integrity among members of the criminal defense bar in Alameda County.

Increase in Hourly Rate!

CAAP is pleased to announce that the County agreed to raise the hourly rate it pays panel attorneys beginning August 1, 2022.  

Special Circumstances
1A (25 to life)
1B, 1PV & 1J (determinate over 25 yrs)
2, 2PV & 2J (11 yrs to 24 yrs)
3, 3PVs, PRCS & 3J
4, 4PV, 4J, 4JV & 5, 5PV, 5J, 5JV
Misdo Appeals