Registration to do Business in Delaware Does Not Create General Jurisdiction Over Non-Delaware Corporation

If a corporation qualifies to do business in a state, that corporation is “in” that state, right? It has to send in annual registration fees, appoint an agent for service of process, and file tax returns. Hasn’t the corporation consented to general jurisdiction by reason of its registration?Read More

Can a Non-Binding Term Sheet Ever Support a Claim for Expectation Damages? 

The Delaware Supreme Court, in SIGA Technologies Inc. v. PharmAthene, Inc., Case No. D67068 (Del. Dec. 23 2015), recently reconsidered whether a term sheet labeled as “non-binding” could support a party’s damage claims where his counter-party failed to negotiate in good faith. The Court held that it could, and awarded damages of more than $100,000,000 to the aggrieved party.Read More