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Public Comment: Client Trust Account Protection Program 

State Bar of California – Public Comment

Re: Public Comment Sought on Proposed New State Bar Rule, Amended Rule of Professional Conduct, and Amended New Rule of Court for the Client Trust Account Protection Program (CTAPP)

The State Bar seeks public comment on the rules that would govern the new Client Trust Account Protection Program (CTAPP), presented to the State Bar Board of Trustees by the Committee on Special Discipline Case Audit at the November 2021 meeting. The purpose of the new program is protecting clients. Data shows there are issues in roughly 1-2% of attorney/accounts. Please take the time to read through the proposal and submit comments to the State Bar.

45-day public comment period ends September 10, 2022

For background information and public comment instructions and input forms for each of these three proposed rule changes, please refer to the public comment webpage.