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ACBA Recognizes Exceptional Volunteers at Virtual Event 
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Exceptional Volunteers Recognized at Virtual ACBA Section Event

screenshot of volunteers recognized at ACBA all section social
Screenshot of volunteers recognized at ACBA All Section Social


The ACBA recognized exceptional volunteers at a new annual All Section Social, held virtually on Thursday February 24, 2022. Our committees and practice area sections all rely on volunteer executive committees to put on quality MCLE programming, networking events, and keep section members up-to-date with the latest in the field. 

  • ACBA ADR SectionAlice Shikina
    • Alice did an outstanding job chairing our committee this past year.  She kept us on track with presentation timelines; made herself available for follow up on agenda items and issues; very organized to the extent she created meeting templates and assisted with filling the gaps in the committees’ presentation list. 
  • ACBA Bankruptcy SectionEllie Lank
    • Ellie was an excellent committee member who was always willing to lend a helping hand or step in when someone wasn’t able to make it.
  • Exceptional Volunteers at ACBA all section virtual socialACBA Barristers SectionSophia Ahmad
    • Sophia is a consistent and present member of the Barristers executive committee. She is someone who handles her communications in a timely manner and helps facilitate excellent CLEs
  • ACBA Business SectionElaine Betts
    • Elaine has been an active non-lawyer member of the section since 2009 or 2010. She has been instrumental (!) in bringing energy and importantly leadership to the section. She provides leadership with her guidance and generous contribution to CLE programs and access to her wide array of people and resources for the section.  The section and indeed the ACBA is much better for her volunteering and energy. 
  • ACBA Cannabis/Hemp Law SectionPamela Epstein
    • Pamela brings creativity and enthusiasm to our Executive Committee and focuses our team on delivering for ACBA members. She always has fresh ideas, and she collaborates effectively with every other member of our section. She has helped develop MCLE programming and contributed to our section’s intellectual development in the area of cannabis and hemp law. Pamela has done exemplary work volunteering for the ACBA.
  • Exceptional Volunteers 3 at ACBA all section virtual socialACBA Criminal SectionNabiel Ahmed
    • Nabiel is a long-time member of ACBA and has participated in CAAP. He has recently joined the Criminal executive committee and we value and appreciate his willingness to volunteer his time.
  • ACBA Environmental SectionBeth Koh
    • Beth has really stepped up in the past year to galvanize the Executive Committee, organizing CLEs and inspiring others to do the same, while acting as both chair and secretary for most meetings. Without Beth’s diligent work, I worry that our Committee may have succumbed to the challenges of the remote environment, but with her guidance it has in fact flourished. 
  • ACBA Family Law SectionLaura Owen
    • She has tirelessly advocated for great programs, speakers, and sought better communication between the bench and the bar.  She helped keep family law sane during COVID. 
    • Laura worked as the Chair to get us through COVID.  She did exemplary work communicating with our judicial officers and with our members during a very tumultuous time.  
  • ACBA Immigration SectionScott Mossman
    • Scott is the member of our committee that has been on it the longest. He’s a dedicated committee member who always brings useful insights to our meetings. He is currently organizing a removal defense boot camp, which he has put quite a bit of work into. Thank you, Scott!
  • Exceptional Volunteers 2 at ACBA all section virtual socialACBA Labor and Employment Section – Rebecca (Becky) Peterson-Fisher
    • Becky was an amazing Chair of our Committee.  She was involved in almost every program our section put together.  She provided support when necessary, encouraged engagement from committee members, and was just an overall very effective leader.   
    • Excellent leadership.  Always willing to help.  Fabulous personality!
  • ACBA Public Entity SectionByron Toma
    • Byron goes above and beyond for the Public Entity and Environmental section – he provides sage advice and feedback, helps to bring us together, and has helped  recruit new members to join our group. He truly deserves to be recognized for his role in our committee.
  • ACBA Real Estate SectionAngie Sandoval 
    • Angie is an exceptional committee member who is always willing to lend an extra hand. She is reliable, professional, and someone we are lucky to have. 
  • ACBA Trial Practice SectionKevin Mintz
    • Kevin has kept us well organized the last two years and put in a lot of time and effort. We appreciate his dedication!
  • ACBA Trusts & Estates SectionEvelyn Minaise
    • Evelyn is an outstanding committee member! She plans excellent CLEs and is great to talk to. Her ability to balance volunteering and work have been a beacon of hope to us all!
  • ACBA Wellness SectionMaighna Jain
    • Maighna has been an excellent leader of the Wellness committee bringing in wonderful speakers and being a speaker herself. She’s done a great job bringing people together. She is someone who leads with empathy and thoughtfulness.

Get Involved! Join our Practice Area Sections Exceptional Volunteers 

Joining an Alameda County Bar Association (ACBA) section is a great way to enhance your practice, network with your peers, and take advantage of discounted MCLE programs. Section membership is $40 per section, except for the Barristers Section, which is free for attorney members with ten years or fewer in practice. If you would like to join a section, you can do so by calling (510) 302-2201.

ACBA Sections are led by Executive Committees of five to nine section members. Executive Committees are responsible for planning the section networking events, MCLE programs, and other activities throughout the year. If you have ideas or suggestions for Section activities, please contact the Chair or Board Liaison for the Section.

Why serve on a Section Executive Committee?

  • Influence the way law is practiced in our community by liaising with the court, bench, and other legal community leaders.
  • Solidify your reputation as a valuable leader by providing oversight and support to Section members. The Section acts as a forum to share knowledge, education, and expertise.
  • Broaden connections and round out your resume. Leadership roles attract accomplished, interesting people. Such expertise often sharpens your business acumen.
  • Build valuable relationships and boardroom credibility, which serves as a great stepping stone to reach professional goals.

If you are interested, you may nominate yourself or someone else. Nominations should be include a short statement explaining why the nominee would make a good committee member (not to exceed 200 words).

What’s involved?

  • Act as an ambassador of the ACBA, Section, and to the legal community at large.
  • Attend regularly scheduled monthly Section Executive Committee meetings with your colleagues.
  • Organize, attend, and promote Section MCLE programs, networking events, and section-specific information updates.
  • Become knowledgeable about the Section, ACBA Bylaws, programs, and activities.

The Executive Committee is comprised of nine Section members who are elected for two-year terms, half of which begin in alternate years. There are generally 4-5 openings each year.

To be eligible as an Executive Committee member, nominees must be a member in good standing of the Alameda County Bar Association and a member of the Section. If there are more nominations than available positions, an election will be held in October.

To become an ACBA member or join a section, please submit applications online or contact the Membership Assistant at or (510) 302-2201.