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The State Bar’s New Paraprofessional Proposal

Paraprofessional Proposal

The State Bar seeks public comment on recommendations for the implementation of a paraprofessional licensing program. 110-day public comment period ends January 12, 2022. Please refer to the public comment notice for background information and instructions for how to submit a comment.

Quick Summary

  • Paraprofessionals will be able to work in collateral criminal, wage/hour, unemployment, FL with a few exceptions (Hague, QDRO, some DV etc.), LLT.
  • PPs may do in court work except jury trials
  • They have to be licensed and passage moral character
    • Must either have a JD or LLM, or a paralegal certificate
    • Must ALSO have a bunch of training in the subject areas
    • Must have practical training, working as a paralegal
    • There will be testing, on subject matters and a PR exam
  • They will have a 36 hour MCLE requirement every 3 years, and their own set of rules of prof. conduct.

Join us for our program on the proposal on November 22, 2021 from 12:00PM – 1:30PM: Will Some Non-Lawyers Soon Be Practicing Law? The State Bar’s New Paraprofessional Proposal.