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Your Virtual Bar – ACBA Remote Benefits 

Did you know that

ANYONE, ANYWHERE CAN ACCESS ACBA BENEFITS & SERVICES? The Alameda County Bar Association’s (ACBA) services can be utilized online by anyone, anywhere.

Today’s technology makes your physical location less significant. As online access, online trainings, remote practice, and remote hearings become more and more common – you need a bar association that is flexible and staying on top of technology.  ACBA is the virtual local bar where you can get all you need. 

Virtual MCLEs

Virtual Networking

Discounts on services to make practicing remotely a little easier so you can concentrate on doing what you love

News From the Court – a weekly summary of notices

Practice Area Listserv/Forums

Did you know you can communicate directly with your colleagues at the ACBA to share practice area tips, new developments in the law, recent news, and ask questions on the ACBA Section Listserv? The ACBA Groupvine Listserv allows you to send posts and messages directly from your email inbox. Listservs are a great way to stay up-to-date in your practice area, and are even more crucial as many of us continue to work remotely and COVID-19 policies change rapidly.

If you have any questions or need help with your account, please email Check out the listserv here