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Stress, Anxiety and Mental Health for Attorneys 

Stress, Anxiety and Mental Health for Attorneys

As we come up on a year of social distancing and pandemic life, we thought it would be a good time to check in on our members. Many of us struggle with anxiety – even prior to the pandemic. If nothing else, this past year has forced us to look inward. There are so many demands on our time, work, family, and many of our usual coping mechanisms are no longer available. 

You are not alone. Our staff are working hard to put on relevant programing to help your practice, and fun social events to get you interacting with humans, even if it is through a screen. Until we’re all vaccinated, we’re expecting more of this new normal, and planning accordingly for 2021. I’ve compiled a list of resources I hope you will find valuable for 2021 and beyond.

Meditation Apps

Best Anxiety Apps of 2020 – Healthline 

My favorites include Calm, Breathwrk, and Colorfy – a surprisingly satisfying coloring app.  BONUS – I also recently bought a weighted microwavable eye mask scented with lavender that I wear almost nightly while listening to an audiobook or working on my breathing before bed.


Adding gamification elements – like scoring points and badges for tasks can be useful motivation and engagement, makes you the hero of your own mental health. Anxiety sufferers face extra barriers to treatment, and games can be engaging, portable, cheap (if not free), plus without the added stigma and without a prescription! The drawback – if games start to feel addictive, cutting into your time with restorative forces such as friendship or sleep, it might be a warning sign to cut back!

ABA Mental Health Resources for the Legal Profession

The ABA maintains a comprehensive collection of mental health resources ranging from coping with anxiety, depression, law practice management, social distancing, stress, substance abuse and more. Check out their collection here

Anxiety in Children

We know our kids are resilient, but as the pandemic drags on, more of our anxiety is bound to trickle down.  I like Lucie’s List for practical recommendations on things from baby gear to what to expect at each growth stage. They put together a guide on helping children from preschoolers to school-age kids deal with mental health issues like anxiety and depression during the pandemic.

Helping Children Manage Anxiety & Depression During Covid – Lucie’s List

My virtual “door” is always open for commiseration or ideas. Do you have any resources to share? Please email me at and I will share in the ACBA e-Newsletter.

Prepared by Valerie Lescroart, Communications Director for the Alameda County Bar Association. Valerie has two small children ages 4 and 1 and lives with her partner, a professor at UNR, in Reno, Nevada. She has worked for the ACBA since 2013, and was working remotely before it was cool.