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Rule of Law LAUROL Update 

Rule of Law: House Judiciary Committee Hearing and Update

The ACBA Board of Directors signed on to the LAUROL (Lawyers Allied to Uphold the Rule of Law) letter to members of the House Judiciary Committee on the importance of the Rule of Law in March. LAUROL recently sent the following update:

We have remained in close contact with the House Judiciary Committee about the long-anticipated hearing on the Rule of Law, which is now scheduled to take place on June 24, 2020. The Committee has issued two subpoenas for testimony from two Department of Justice whistleblowers. These witnesses are prepared to describe the unprecedented politicization of the Department under President Trump and Attorney General William Barr, including the handling of the sentencing of Roger Stone and improperly motivated activity by the Antitrust Division. Former U.S. Deputy Attorney General Donald Ayer will also testify as to what is at stake when there is a breakdown of the Department’s independence at the hands of its own leadership.

The Committee has LAUROL’s statement and supplemental letter for inclusion in the record. Committee counsel has also asked LAUROL for any help our members might collectively and individually offer in amplifying the issues surrounding this Administration’s disregard for the Constitution, and the weaponization of the Department and law enforcement against American citizens for partisan/personal gain.