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Beware: COVID-19 Scams 
A CDC graphic of the COVID-19 virus via MGN

Covid-19 Scams: Beware of the explosion of Scams tied to the Coronavirus. “Barracuda, a site specializing in online security, revealed that it spotted 9,116 coronavirus-themed spear-phishing emails between March 1 and March 23 a huge increase from the 167 in January.” A couple of the most convincing scams:

  • False Text Messages — Text Messages claiming to be from the Federal Government such as Health and Human Services, requesting you take an online Covid-19 test (which do not exist) directing the recipient to a website to collect your personal info.
  • Fake Emails — Emails Warning a Friend/Colleague you know has gotten ill with the Coronavirus and you need to get tested. It asks recipients to download an attached form, fill out personal info, and take it to a testing site. Then your personal info is stolen.
  • Fake Pop Up Testing Sites — Fraudsters are dressing like health professionals with protective gear, charging people $240 and obtaining personal information in order to perpetrate Medicare & Medicaid fraud.