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BALI community attorneys perform 3250 hours of pro bono work 
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In 2019, BALI community attorneys performed 3250 hours of pro bono work! 

In the midst of all the bad news circulating, we’re proud to share the impact our BALI attorneys are making in our community. BALI │ Bay Area Legal Incubator is a coaching community for solo attorneys dedicated to providing affordable legal services and promoting social justice. BALI is an access to justice project of the Alameda County Bar Association and its nonprofit offshoot Legal Access Alameda, in collaboration with five California law schools and the Alameda County Law Library.

Susan Lawrence
Susan Lawrence

Extreme congratulations to our top hour performer, Susan Lawrence! Susan performed over 1,000 hours of pro bono service. Susan launched The Center for Life Without Parole Studies, which works to end life without the possibility of parole (LWOP) sentences nationwide and provides low cost and limited pro bono legal services for people serving LWOP terms in California prisons. Her policy and legal case successes are inspiring. Susan also is a doctor and prior to law school co-founded one of the first anti-HIV organizations, and the first to connect childhood trauma to HIV and imprisonment risk. Susan is just one example of the many innovative, mission-driven, social entrepreneurs that make up BALI. 

Super kudos also to Beth Hodess, WookSun (Phil) Hong, Robin Miller, and Susan Tenney –  all performing over 200 hours of pro bono service.

And special praise for Nephtali Gonzales who took over management of a weekly pro bono clinic in the SF Women’s Building, and Natalia Ventsko, who has co-launched not one, but two nonprofits since joining BALI, in addition to building a tax law practice for the people (Natalia is a founding member of the Fillmore Heritage Center Equity Partnership, and co-founder of We Re-Member; both efforts to bring equity and opportunity to people of the African Diaspora).

Between BALI and ACBA/Legal Access’ extended family, we really make an impact. Thank you!

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