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ACBA Book Club Review: Evicted 
ACBA Book Club

Evicted, by Matthew Desmond

The subtitle of this book, “Poverty and Profit in the American City,” doesn’t fully capture the scope of this book.  The book follows a series of low income tenants and their landlords in Milwaukee, and the stories that bring them together, and bring them into conflict.  Because it is a narrative of particular peoples’ lives, it is highly readable.  We loved (and hated) the window it offered into housing and eviction – and how differently the eviction process looks to those who endure it regularly. The book is haunting and really hits you in your heart, and we all felt that it changed the way we think about poverty and housing.  It’s pretty depressing, so we suggest you do not read it just before bed – but we absolutely urge you to read it.  Highly recommended. 

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