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ACBA Book Club Review: Their Eyes Were Watching God 
ACBA Book Club

Their Eyes Were Watching God, by Zora Neale Hurston

Many of us read this book in high school, and when we found it on an ABA listing of great law-related books, jumped at the chance to read it again.  Beautifully written and highly evocative, we loved it again, and caught many things we have a feeling we missed in high school.  Admittedly, the legal content of this book is very tenuous – perhaps 3 pages about a trial – but the book is amazing.  As long as you don’t expect a book that’s really about the law, this book is very much worth returning to.  Those who listened to it as an audiobook found the cadence of the language particularly expressive.  Highly recommended.

Every month, a group of ACBA members gathers to discuss this month’s reading selection.  We alternate between fiction and non-fiction, and try to choose books that have at least something to do with the law.  We really do talk about the books – also, of course, we drink wine, eat cookies, and get to know each other.  Do you like to read?  Come join us! RSVP to