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ACBA Book Club Review: QB VII 
ACBA Book Club

QB VII by Leon Uris

Every month, a group of ACBA members gathers to discuss this month’s reading selection.  We alternate between fiction and non-fiction, and try to choose books that have at least something to do with the law.  We really do talk about the books – also, of course, we drink wine, eat cookies, and get to know each other.  Do you like to read?  Come join us! RSVP to  

This is a fascinating novel about a libel suit brought in England in the 1960’s, focusing on whether a knighted doctor was a war criminal during the Holocaust.  The book offers a view of British law, as well as a glimpse into a less-known  aspect of the Holocaust.  One thing we really enjoyed about it was that no one was all good or all bad – and we realized how eager we were to identify characters as one or the other.  It was also a cliff hanger – we didn’t know how it was going to turn out until pretty far along.  Those of us who listened to the audiobook noted that the reader used different accents for the different characters (and in particular the different witnesses at the trial), which offered an intriguing twist.  Recommended.

Our next book is Just Mercy by Brian Stephenson, and we will meet on Monday Oct 1 from 5:15-6:15 at the ACBA office.