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Making a Great Cup of Coffee for Clients 
three coffee mugs

Making a Great Cup of Coffee for Clients

Lawyers may pride themselves on being heavy coffee drinkers, but a recent survey of over 10,000 professionals shows that many other professions drink far more coffee than those in the legal profession. The list of top heaviest consumers of ‘black gold’ include company executives, editors and writers, physicians, financial professionals, government professionals, and skilled tradespersons. In other words, your clients probably value a good cup of Java more than you do. To make a great first impression, follow these tips and make them a cup of coffee that is worth contracting you over.

Go for Gold

Throw out the typical coffee capsule set up and add a dash of style to their cuppa with freshly ground coffee. If you have the budget for it, splurge on Jamaican Blue Mountain or Percol Black and Beyond espresso beans, or go for gold and surprise them with some Kopi Luwak. Even if you have a smaller budget, opt for a well priced Arabica coffee that has a beautiful mellow taste most drinkers enjoy. Grind the beans on the spot to offer clients a more flavourful, fragrant cup of coffee while you discuss make-or-break deals.

Hitting the Right Note

Work out the right amount of coffee for your cup size. Use an online brew ratio calculator, which stipulates different gram amounts depending on whether you are using a French Press, Pour Over, or Cold Brew set-up. There is nothing worse than a watery cup of coffee, but too much of a good thing can make the experience a bitter one.

Appearance Matters

Ensure your perfect cup of coffee is served in the right cup. Invest in a small set of designer coffee mugs for clients. Some are attached to their own coaster; others ‘float’ above the coaster. Still others are made in nouvelle fabrics such as Nordic Wood, or handmade ceramic. Serve coffee with a small treat, such as petit fours, small coffee cookies, or chocolate.

Keeping it Real

If you have just opened a firm or you work in a small office, you may not necessarily have space or a big budget for coffee. Still, there is no reason why you can’t impress clients with a simple yet fantastically flavored cup of French pressed or electrically percolated coffee. These gadgets cost under $20 and will last you a lifetime. Bulk buying quality ground coffee will also save you a considerable amount yet still make your clients feel like you are offering them ‘the real thing’.

Ambience matters in business, and a good cup of coffee can help up your firm’s ‘cool factor’. Opt for quality coffee, and never serve pre-ground stuff. Finally, add a beautiful finishing touch by serving your brew in a meritoriously sophisticated coffee cup or mug.

Written by Ali Byron