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In Memory: Tony White 

In memory of our friend and colleague Tony White

It is with deep sorrow that I share the news that our dear friend Tony, Anthony G. White, passed away Saturday after suffering a stroke. He was visiting with extended family in Vermont.  In addition to Maribeth and his sons, he was surrounded by lots of people who loved him, as he always was.

As soon as I have information about services and celebrations of Tony I will share.

I was fortunate to call Tony a good friend and colleague for almost two decades, and I know many on this email were blessed with the same and more.  Throughout his far-reaching career, he helped social justice organizations throughout the Bay Area, California, nationally and, I know at least recently, internationally.  Following an extensive legal career with California Rural Legal Assistance, Tony served as BayLegal’s Director of Law and Technology for over 15 years, and continued to play a critical role supporting BayLegal’s advocacy.

Tony was one of my first friends at BayLegal. As a brand new attorney in Richmond–desperately trying to navigate learning the law and the overwhelming poverty and stresses our clients face–Tony made sure I knew I was never alone in this work. Tony never just checked in about a tech issue; he wanted to know about the issues, how I was trying to improve services for our clients, and give ideas and inspiration on how to enhance my advocacy. And he reminded me to breathe–as he continued to do over the years, and most recently just last week.

Tony’s innovative and proactive thinking was admired nationally and sought out far before tech was the obvious component of advocacy that it is today. He was always a leader and example of tireless dedication to our clients. He was also a constant reminder that we have to support each other, acknowledge our successes, remember we are part of a larger community of action, and that what we do is very hard work for a very good cause. A reminder that in order to do that work, we have to sustain ourselves–to pause sometimes, and just breathe.

We will always be grateful for what he did for our clients, each of us, and our legal aid community. I will always be grateful for his friendship and mentorship; I am a better person and advocate because Tony was in my life.

Tony helped us save more lives, improve more childhoods, and through it all, breathe more deeply. He will be missed and always remembered.

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