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Stop the Separation of Migrant Children From Their Families 

Are you as outraged as we are about the Federal Government separating kids from their families at the border?

We’ve collected several ways you can make a difference. Don’t stand by. Stand up.


Attys, Paralegals, Law Students! If you speak Spanish & can aid detained parents & children in Texas (6 day stint), contact CARA Family Detention Project! The need is urgent! If you don’t speak Spanish, but can find an interpreter-partner that will help too.

Contact your representative

Don’t underestimate the power of pressuring your elected representatives. There are several bills and resolutions floating around Capitol Hill to prohibit family separations at the border and support migrant children, including the Senate Democrats’ Keep Families Together Actand the Fair Day in Court for Kids Act.
Read the guide to contacting Congress here.
Refinery 29 has an easy pre-populated widget for contacting your representatives here

How are you getting involved? Let us know by emailing We’ll update this post as we get more information.