Alameda County
Bar Association

ACBA Board of Directors Statement on Independent Judiciary 


Date: March 12, 2018

Media Contact: Valerie Lescroart (510) 302-2215

Statement from the ACBA Board of Directors on the Importance of an Independent Judiciary

Oakland, CA – Today, more than ever, an independent judiciary is essential to a free society. Judicial decisions and rulings are not made in isolation. Judges make their decisions based on the existing law, the recommendations and advocacy of many participants and on information from many sources, including the trial proceedings. It is difficult for anyone outside of that process to accurately second-guess any particular decision. Accordingly, public perception of a judicial decision is made from a distance which may obscure the circumstances in the courtroom and may also introduce other interests and sensitivities. That said, we all can also agree that each case and each party should be treated equally under the law, without exception.

ACBA’s mission is to promote excellence in the legal profession and to facilitate equal access to justice for all. We will never waver from that mission.