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Public Comment: Fingerprinting Attorneys 
Invitation to Comment

Proposed California Rule of Court Regarding Fingerprinting of Active Licensed Attorneys

The California State Bar seeks public comment regarding a proposed rule regarding a mandatory fingerprinting requirement for active licensed attorneys. The average cost of fingerprinting will be about $80, $49 of which comes from a FBI/DOJ processing fee. There would be a list on the DOJ’s website of vendors – some of which will do the finger printing for free, so you’re only cost would be the FBI/DOJ processing fee if you can connect with those vendors. We will post the free vendors on our website if this rule passes!

Senate Bill 36’s recent amendment to section 6054 authorizes the State Bar to require attorneys to submit or resubmit fingerprint records to the California Department of Justice, but does not require the State Bar to do so. The Supreme Court’s Oct. 20, 2017, letter, however, obligates the State Bar to require attorney submission of fingerprints to the DOJ. It states: “requiring fingerprints of all applicants and active members is a critical component of public protection and strengthens the State Bar’s discipline system.” 

Read the proposal here:

The deadline to submit comments is 5 p.m. Dec. 26, 2017, so make sure you respond by the 26th to be heard!