Alameda County
Bar Association

Board Opportunity: The First District Appellate Project 

FDAP BoardThe First District Appellate Project (FDAP) has asked the ACBA to appoint a director to its Board of Directors. FDAP is a non-profit law office that administers the court-appointed counsel program for indigent and at-risk parties in the California Court of Appeal, First Appellate District. FDAP oversees a panel of 300 attorneys, as well as providing direct representation in some cases. Our mission is to ensure exceptional representation of indigent individuals in criminal, delinquency, dependency and mental health appeals and writs.  

The Board has three regularly scheduled meetings each year, typically at the end of the work day. A few times each year, additional meetings or email votes are necessary for time-sensitive items. FDAP offices are in Oakland, but many board members attend meetings telephonically. Membership involves working on a wide range of financial, HR, programmatic, and policy matters. FDAP has recently begun development work and board membership will include some fundraising responsibilities. FDAP welcomes a wide spectrum of people on its Board. The selection process will include consideration of potential conflicts, which may be an issue for those currently practicing in the First District and its counties in criminal, delinquency, or dependency cases (e.g. Public Defender, District Attorney, Attorney General, County Counsel, FDAP panel attorneys, or private criminal defense firms).

Please contact Valerie Lescroart if you are interested in the appointment by August 15th.