Alameda County
Bar Association

ACBA Seeks Nominations for Vice-President 
2016 ACBA Board of Directors

The ACBA seeks your help in identifying potential board members to replace those officers whose terms expire on December 31, 2017

We will have one opening on the Board for Vice-President.

The ACBA Bylaws state that:

Officers Qualifications. An Officer of the Association shall have served for at least one year as a Director of the Association.  Only Active and Non-Practicing Members may serve as officers of the Association.

Nomination Guidelines. In making its nominations, the Nominating Committee shall prioritize candidates who meet the particular competencies specified by the Board of Directors for the coming years. The Nominating Committee also shall evaluate each candidate, taking into consideration the following criteria: each candidate’s personal abilities, judgment and leadership qualities; each candidate’s years as a member of the Association; the duration, scope, quality and recentness of each candidate’s participation in the activities and affairs of the Association; each candidate’s history and quality of support for the programs and projects of the Volunteer Legal Services Corporation or similar organizations; and, candidates who demonstrate core competencies of diversity, inclusiveness, governance and leadership.

If you served on the ACBA Board for at least one year and are interested in applying, please complete the application, which includes a description of board member responsibilities, and return it no later than Monday, July 24, 2017 to:
Tiela Chalmers
Alameda County Bar Association
1000 Broadway, Suite 480
Oakland, CA 94607
Fax: (510) 452-2224



The Vice-President assists the President and President-Elect in the discharge of their official functions; prepares for nomination to the position of President-Elect at the conclusion of term.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Assists the President in the implementation of Association goals and objectives;
  • Serves as a member of the Executive Committee;
  • Represents the ACBA at official functions in the absence of the President and President-Elect;
  • Serves as Vice-Chair of the Finance Committee;
  • Serves as Vice –Chair of the Chief Executive Officer Review Committee;
  • Serves as Vice-Chair of the Board Retreat Committee;
  • Attends the annual State Bar Bar Leaders Conference if resources allow;
  • Takes an active role in Board development; and
  • Promotes the ACBA and encourages ACBA membership and participation in ACBA activities.