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Rule of Law - Lady Justice

 Rule of Law - Lady JusticeThe Rule of Law

In the face of the political divisiveness and uncertainty that 2017 brings, the ACBA remains committed to our mission of promoting excellence in the legal profession and facilitating equal access to justice. We are a strong group of passionate people with the skills and commitment to protect and serve the most vulnerable in our community.

We believe in the critical role of checks and balances in our democracy, and remain dedicated to protecting the constitutional structure of our government. Upholding and promoting the Rule of Law, one of the defining characteristics of a democratic society, is an inherent part of our mission, and we are committed to continuing that work in the current political climate.  While we may not all agree politically, we all stand for the power of the law, and the power of the Rule of Law.

The ACBA and VLSC serve our community in Alameda County by representing immigrants and other vulnerable communities, ensuring that they have equal access to the justice system, regardless of the language they speak or their ability to pay. Part of our justice mission is to champion the interests of those least able to stand up for, or protect, themselves. Through the Volunteer Legal Services Corporation, the Lawyer Referral Service, and the Court Appointed Attorney Program, we offer support and assistance to those who face discrimination or unfair treatment, and those who are the victims of brutality, hate crimes, or unconstitutional treatment.

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