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Pro Bono Spotlight: VLSC’s Dissolution Clinic 

VLSC Pro Bono Spotlight

Did you know that divorce cases are dismissed after five years of inactivity?

Gloria Hernandez didn’t, until she attended the Volunteer Legal Services Corporation’s (VLSC) Dissolution Clinic to finish up a divorce case started back in 2011.

Starting from square one, Gloria was unsure about how to proceed, since what she needed more than anything was child support for her 16 year old daughter, who had not received any financial help from her father since the separation eight years ago. Now in round two of her battle against cancer, Gloria could not work the same hours she used to in order to provide for her and her daughter, who had started working in order to help her mother out.

Under the advice of VLSC volunteer Nadine Burg, Gloria decided it would be best to start the divorce paperwork and file a request for order for child support simultaneously so that she could receive support as soon as possible. With the help of Nadine, a Spanish interpreter, and VLSC staff, Gloria was able to walk out of the clinic with her paperwork in order and on her way to financial stability and peace of mind for her and her daughter.

Are you interested in volunteering at one of VLSC’s pro bono clinics? Make a concrete difference in our community by contacting Daniela Meza-Gray, VLSC Clinics Coordinator at or (510) 302-2219.

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