Alameda County
Bar Association

Public Comment Opportunities from the State Bar 

Revision of the Rules of Professional Conduct:  Deadline for written comment is September 27, 2016.  Detailed information is available on the State Bar’s website at

Proposed Amendments to State Bar Rules re New Attorney MCLE Requirement– Deadline  Sept. 9, 2016:  Attorneys would be required to complete a New Attorney Training MCLE program during their first year post-admission. The curriculum would be developed by the State Bar, and would be no more than ten hours in length in total. These ten hours would not be in addition to the currently required MCLE hours for active members of the State Bar. Instead, up to ten of those currently required hours would comprise New Attorney Training, and this training would be prescribed for completion within the first 12 months of admission to the California State Bar.  Details and documents.

Proposed Amendment to Rule 2302 of the Rules of Procedure of the State Bar of California-Deadline Sept. 8, 2016:  Revision of the rule is suggested to eliminate certain references to non-members in subsections (d)(1)(A), (d)(1)(B),(d)(1)(C) and (d)(4), and to add language that clarifies that the State Bar has no duty of confidentiality with respect to complaints or investigations related to non-members, but may assert confidentiality when necessary to protect members of the public. Complete information may be found here.