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VLSC Volunteer Spotlight: Matt Kretzer 
Matt Kretzer, VLSC Volunteer
Matt Kretzer, VLSC Bankruptcy Clinic Volunteer

Why do you volunteer with VLSC?
I’m a retired bankruptcy lawyer. When I retired, I knew I would need to get involved in something to keep myself from watching television all day. I also knew that a lot of low income debtors get their bankruptcy advice from non-attorneys and paralegals that not only charge to complete the paperwork, but who also don’t know enough to be giving out bankruptcy advice.

Volunteering for the bankruptcy clinic seemed like an obvious choice for putting my skills to work and keeping me busy.

Do you have a particularly memorable VLSC client or pro bono case?
One client that sticks in my mind was an Uber driver. The trustee, through the Court, forced him to shut down his one car business when he filed bankruptcy. I helped him file a motion to force the trustee to abandon the business so he could continue earning his sole source of income. This was an easy thing for me to do, and very meaningful to the debtor.

What other community activities are you involved in?
I also volunteer as a tutor for kindergartners and third graders at the Sankofa Academy, a public school on the border of Oakland and Berkeley. I do this through Experience Corps.

What are you listening to on your iPod right now?
I’m listening to the podcast “Reveal.” It’s a fascinating investigative reporting podcast.

What is one thing you wish our donors and supporters knew about VLSC?
I wish they knew how many people need our services and how easy the VLSC makes it to give them.

VLSC LogoInterested in volunteering with VLSC? Check out our website, or please contact Daniela Meza, Clinics Coordinator, at, or (510) 302-2219.