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Keeping up with SEO and Social Media

With the year winding down, it’s time to determine if 2015’s SEO best practices will carry over into 2016. Although the search landscape is always changing, many of today’s core elements for successful online marketing campaigns should continue to be relevant well into the future.

Take manual link building for example. Search Engine Land’s recent article makes a strong case for this tactic’s longevity, arguing that content marketing and link earning can never truly replace a bit of DIY link building.  While bulk link building has certainly fallen out of favor, manual link building seems unlikely to become obsolete.

Now, on to the rest of what was being written about during the past month. Here are the other top SEO and Internet marketing posts you might have missed:

Google updated the search result interface for tablets. The new layout is considerably different from the previous version that fused desktop and mobile, and seems to be giving local results a prominent display.

Digital Marketing Depot published a duo of guides to help with both content marketing essentials and the five pillars of social media success. Unfortunately, both guides require you to enter some information before allowing you to download a copy. On the plus side, they are still free…

The Moz Blog published five steps to content marketing success, giving more tips for taking a content idea from conception to publication to ultimately generating new visitors, social media shares, and links.  While the process doesn’t guarantee success, following it will certainly help your chances.

Building content isn’t usually enough to get quality links on its own. Promotion matters too. Search Engine Watch’s article showcasing three steps to promoting linkable assets for shares, links, and relationships helps provide insight into how you can utilize your strongest content to generate high quality backlinks.

And finally, on the email marketing front, Quicksprout published six steps to get your first 100 email subscribers (the easy way). If you’re thinking of starting to engage your clients through email marketing (or you already do) this article is definitely worth a read.

That’s it for this month. Happy holidays to everyone, and we’ll see you in the New Year with the final recap of 2015.

About the Author: Jason Arango is the Director of Marketing for GJEL Accident Attorneys. He’s been involved in online marketing since 2007, and has worked with companies such as Village Voice Media and Clear Channel Communications.