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Keeping up with SEO and Social Media: February Roundup 

Keeping up with SEO and Social Media

It may have been a short month, but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t a lot of content being churned out about SEO, social media, and Internet marketing. Fortunately, I’ve done the heavy lifting for you and separated the wheat from the chaff (if anyone uses that expression). This list of articles from the past month features some of the blog posts, guides, and quick tips that might have slipped through your feedreader while you were busy working.

Here’s a list of some of February’s most useful Internet marketing articles that can benefit law firms of all sizes:

You may have heard that Google has once again gained access to the Twitter “firehose” and tweets will be making their way into search results. While it’s unlikely anything will come of this for at least a couple months, Marketing Land has a pretty substantial FAQ that should tell you everything you need to know about Twitter’s new deal with Google search.

Hiring the right SEO can be tough, but knowing how long it will take before their efforts start yielding results can be equally challenging. Search Engine Land’s post on Understanding & Explaining a Realistic SEO Timeline should help clear up some of the misconceptions about what to expect from an SEO campaign.

On the local search front, Search Engine Watch has some Expert Tips for Cracking Pigeon and Winning Local. If you read last month’s roundup it should come as no surprise that mobile optimization is at the top of the list.

Sticking with local search tips, Search Engine Land featured a Reddit-style AMA on the topic of Common Local SEO Mistakes Made By Businesses Big & Small. The article contains a lot of good information and has one particular section devoted to handling Google My Business pages for multiple attorneys within the same firm.

Learning from your mistakes is great, but learning from someone else’s is even better. Thankfully, Neil Patel has assembled a post highlighting the 10 Most Costly Marketing Blunders [He’s] Ever Made. Also from Quicksprout is The Ultimate Guide to Hashtags. Neil explains what they are, where you’ll find them, and how to use hashtags to your advantage.

Lastly, if you’re looking for something short and sweet that you can implement right away, The Moz Blog has an article on 15 SEO Best Practices for Structuring URLs. You don’t need to heed every bit of advice in the article, but there’s more than a couple tips that can make your site’s URLs read a whole lot easier for both your target audience and search engines.

That’s it for this month’s roundup. If there’s anything that slipped through the cracks please let me know in the comments section below. Otherwise—until next month—best of luck in the rankings.

About the Author: Jason Arango is the Director of Marketing for GJEL Accident Attorneys. He’s been involved in online marketing since 2007, and has worked with companies such as Village Voice Media and Clear Channel Communications.