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Is Drug And Alcohol Addiction Disability Covered By Long Term Disability Insurance Provided By Your Employer?  Generally, Yes. 

iStock_Substance AbuseThe end of the year holidays are upon us with all the associated celebrations.  A wonderful time of the year, but it’s good to know that if the celebrations have turned into a hazy and impaired way of life, you may be able to get help from an unexpected resource.  For many people the road to recovery can begin sooner if they are able to take an extended break from their professional life, while still receiving an income, and focus on their own health and recovery from addiction.

Most group long-term disability insurance policies (those governed by ERISA) include coverage for a work disability due to drug and or alcohol addiction and dependency, which many policy holders do not realize.  While these benefits are generally for a limited period of time, often 24 months, they can prove to be a welcome lifeline when there is need to take time off work to get the help needed to control drug and alcohol related illness.  The long-term disability benefit amount is the same as for physical illness disability, typically 60% of base income, but for a limited period of time.

If you are facing time off work due to alcohol or drug issues, perhaps for rehab or other hospitalization, or may be losing your job soon because of the effects of alcohol and drug dependency, please find out if you have a long term disability insurance benefit which may provide replacement income during a period of disability and recovery.  I have been able to help long term disability insurance claimants recover important benefits to assist them in taking the necessary steps to put their lives back together.  If you have a group long-term disability insurance policy, you may have a valuable resource to aid in breaking the cycle of addiction.  It could be the most important gift you receive this year.

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