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JNE Commission Openings 

A Message From the East Bay Diversity Bar Coalition

The mission of the East Bay Diversity Bar Coalition (EBDBC) is to promote a unified position on diversity and fair access on professional and public issues. One of the areas dear to the EBDBC is encouraging diversity on the bench, which the EBDBC promotes though its award-winning Judicial Mentorship Program. A first step to a diverse bench is diversity in the committee that makes recommendations to the Governor on potential bench appointments, the Judicial Nominees Evaluation (JNE) Commission.

The JNE Commission is seeking new members to volunteer to serve on the 2015 Commission. Active members of the State Bar, former members of the judiciary and members of the public may apply for an appointment. The application deadline for the 2015 Commission is June 2, 2014.

Members of the JNE Commission:

  • are volunteer lawyers in active practice, retired judges and public members (non-lawyers);
  • evaluate all candidates who are under consideration for judicial appointment by the governor;
  • serve terms of approximately one year (beginning February 1) and may serve up to three consecutive terms; and
  • receive no compensation for services.

For more information on the JNE Commission, qualifications, time commitment, and to apply for membership, please visit the JNE Commission Website.