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Volunteer of the Year: Nadine Burg 

Volunteer of the Year


We are pleased to present a Q&A with Nadine Burg, Law Offices of Nadine Burg, a family law lawyer in Alameda County and recipient of the Volunteer Legal Services Corporation (VLSC) award for Volunteer of the Year. Nadine will receive her award on May 22, 2014 at Justice for All: Celebrating Pro Bono, VLSC’s annual volunteer recognition and fundraising event. A reception and silent auction will precede the dinner program and awards presentation.  Check out the list of early silent auction items here.

You may buy tickets to the event and see the full list of award recipients by visiting the ACBA website, or by contacting Whitney Ward at We hope you will be able to join us!

Why do you volunteer with VLSC?   

I was raised in a home where volunteering in your community was highly valued and encouraged, and I am proud of the work that I do helping self-represented litigants. Everyone should have access to justice.

Do you have a particularly memorable VLSC client or pro bono case?  

I remember working with someone who had just gotten out of prison, had been in for 15+ years, and his child support obligation was building the entire time. He came out to nearly 200k in support arrears. He said that coming out of prison, the chips were already stacked against him, and the arrearages were like an anvil around his ankle. I worked with him, explaining what he needed to demonstrate to the court, and how to do it. He was successful, and had the majority of the arrears forgiven. He felt empowered for the first time in many, many years, and he was so very grateful.

What other community activities are you involved in?  

As a family, we participate in community events such as beach clean-ups, and help at food banks. Also, I am active at my daughter’s school.

What are you listening to on your iPod now?

Favorite albums right now? Alabama Shakes, Go Go’s, Wilco, Pharrell Williams

What is one thing that you wished other people knew about VLSC?  

Many of my colleagues say that they want to volunteer, but don’t have time. It is such a rewarding experience—you’ll find yourself looking forward to it!


For more information on volunteering with VLSC or to donate, please visit the VLSC page on the ACBA website.