Alameda County
Bar Association

How Do You Find A Good Lawyer? 

Legal Advice Computer Key In Blue Showing Attorney GuidanceHave you ever wondered where people go to find a “good lawyer”?

Imagine that you aren’t a lawyer.  Imagine that you have a son in college at a prestigious local university.  He is a good student, earning close to a 4.0 average.  He has aspirations of going to med school and becoming a doctor.  One night, very uncharacteristically, he gets into a fight at a party on campus.  Now he is being charged with student misconduct and has the right to representation.  Where do you turn?  Up until now you have had little need for a lawyer.  So what do you do?

The scenario above is based on a call that came through the ACBA’s Lawyer Referral Service (LRS).  Through this service we help members of the public find a qualified attorney who can assist them with their legal matter.  For a small fee, we connect clients with up to two attorneys who will provide a 30-minute consultation, after which the client can retain the attorney or decide how to move forward with their specific legal matter.

Using the Lawyer Referral Service offers members of public some piece of mind.  The LRS refers individuals who call in to a qualified, insured attorney who is experienced in the practice area in question.  The Lawyer Referral Service staff is able to refer clients to knowledgeable attorneys in many different practice areas, including: Bankruptcy, Employment Law, Family Law, Personal Injury, Trusts & Estates,  and many more.  Our service is well-established and respected in the Alameda County legal community and certified by the State Bar of California under Business and Professions Code §6155.

“I would like to praise [the LRS staff member] for the excellent service she provided for me. She was very thorough and patient with me. Also, she was very supportive in the capacity that she could be supportive. I received all of the information regarding the necessary establishments I can go to in order to receive legal consultation for my dilemma. I wish every customer service representative was as helpful and professional as [she was].”

For attorneys, joining the LRS is a great way to grow your practice whether you have just been sworn in or have been practicing law for several years. Why join?  Each year, we receive more than 18,000 calls from individuals seeking legal services.  By being a part of the LRS panel, you will receive quality referrals matching your experience and interest for less than what you would pay for most advertising.  (If you are an ACBA member you even receive a discount on panel fees.)

For information on how to become a member of ACBA’s Lawyer Referral Service, please visit our website or contact the program administrator Hadassah Hayashi at or (510) 302-2210.