Alameda County
Bar Association

Are You in Compliance? 

Check listIn 2012, the California State Bar performed an audit of 635 attorneys to determine whether or not they were in compliance with their MCLE requirements.  Of those audited, 98 attorneys were found to be non-compliant.  Twenty-four individuals face potential discipline for false reporting and five have been suspended for failing to respond to the audit.  Based on these results, the State Bar has decided to conduct an annual audit–with more breadth–of California attorneys.

Here is what you need to know about MCLE Compliance:
There are three Compliance Groups.  Your Compliance Group is determined by the first letter of your last name on your the card you filled out for admission to the State Bar (referred to as your “Admit card”): Group 1 (A through G); Group 2 (H through M); and Group 3 (N though Z).  The Compliance Group for 2014 is Group 3 (N-Z).  If you had a name change since your admission to the State Bar, your Compliance Group remains the same, regardless (for more on this, go here.)  This means that if the first letter of your last name on your Admit card begins with letters N through Z, you will need to complete your three-year MCLE requirements and report them to the State Bar no later than February 1, 2014.

The Requirements:
Total (required every three years): 25 hours
Maximum Self-Study : 12.5 hours

Within your 25 hours, you must have the following Special Requirements included:
Legal Ethics: 4 hours
Substance Abuse: 1 hour
Elimination of Bias: 1 hour

Part of the mission of the ACBA is to promote the professional development of attorneys in Alameda County.  Each month we offer MCLE trainings on topics ranging from the latest changes in the law, mediation, how to wind down your practice, tips for solo practitioners, and more.   Most trainings supply at least one hour of MCLE credit.  To see what’s coming up, check out our events calendar.  We are always looking for new topic ideas as well.  If you have an idea, please pass it on!  Karyn Freer, ACBA’s Membership and Education Coordinator, would love to hear from you.  You can reach her via email at

Remember, if you are in Compliance Group 3, your deadline to complete your 25 hours is February 1, 2014.  Why wait?  Check it off your list now!