The Bay Area Legal Incubator (BALI) offers a two-year training program in which recent admittees to the California Bar are provided with extensive support, mentoring and education on how to successfully operate a solo or small firm practice that serves the legal needs of the modest means community.

The goal of the project is two-fold: 1) to increase access to justice for people of modest means, and 2) to provide sustainable employment for recently admitted alumni/alumnae.

For members of our community who are just a little over the income level for legal aid, but who certainly cannot afford a lawyer at $300 or more an hour, these practitioners will provide a critical service – one that is not presently available.

In the current economy, many recent graduates are left without law-related employment – this is ironic, given the great number of people who desperately need legal representation. The incubator project not only provides these young lawyers with the tools to be self-employed for the two-year program, but also teaches skills and competencies to build a practice that can support them for many years into the future.

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Current 3 L’s and recent alums from the law schools below are eligible to apply. For a list of individual school application deadlines and contacts click here:
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