Keeping up with SEO and Social Media: March Roundup

In the wake of last month’s shift in the placement of Google’s desktop ads, much has been written about the fallout as it relates to PPC (Pay-Per-Click). The early results are in, and so far it appears the change hasn’t been as dramatic as initially expected. While a reduction in inventory has led to rising first-page minimum bids, CPC (Cost-Per-Click) remains largely the same.Read More

Keeping up with SEO and Social Media: September Roundup

Following last month’s Google update that reduced the local 7-pack to just 3, September featured a number of articles addressing what the new Google local search display means for small and midsize businesses. The bottom line seems to be that organic rankings will be more competitive than ever and some firms may need to add additional advertising in order to compensate for the inevitable decrease in phone calls.Read More

Keeping Up with SEO and Social Media: July Roundup

There was a lot going on in the month of July. With an assortment of tips on improving your mobile website, suggestions for beefing up blog content, and plenty of articles on what to do (and what not to do) as you continue to solidify your firm’s rankings, it would have been easy to miss some of the top articles from the past few weeks. Fortunately, as always, the meatiest posts have been curated for your after-the-fact perusal.Read More