What is VLSC?

The Volunteer Legal Service Corporation (VLSC) is the pro bono arm of the Alameda County Bar Association. VLSC provides free legal services to low-income people in Alameda County and is one of the largest provider of pro bono legal services in the county.

VLSC Mission Statement

VLSC provides free legal assistance to Alameda County’s low-income population by mobilizing volunteer attorneys to provide pro bono service at our 30 legal clinics.

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VLSC Vision Statement

VLSC seeks to provide legal help to people living in Alameda County who otherwise cannot afford it.

VLSC organizes trained volunteer attorneys, paralegals, and law school graduates in monthly legal clinics to aid low-income people in need of critical services – services such as ensuring a child has a safe and stable home, shielding a patient from financial ruin, or protecting a parent’s right to custody and visitation.

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Bylaws of the Alameda County Bar Association Volunteer Legal Services Corporation

A California Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation

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VLSC is funded in part by generous grants from the following: The American College of Bankruptcy Foundation; The Berkeley Pilgrimage Foundation; Bernard E. and Alba Witkin Charitable Trust; Walter and Elise Haas Fund; Thomas J. Long Foundation; State Bar of California Legal Services Trust Fund; Sidney Stern Memorial Trust; van Löben Sels/RembeRock Foundation.

VLSC History

Few bar associations in California have the honor and responsibility of managing and administering a separately incorporated pro bono program. The Alameda County Bar Association is proud of its long-term commitment to organized pro bono legal services and access to justice.

In 1982, the Alameda County Bar Association Volunteer Legal Services Corporation (VLSC) was founded in response to cutbacks in federal funding to the Legal Aid Society and the increasing demand for legal services for the poor. In 1983, the VLSC budget was just $37,800. Our commitment to the VLSC mission to provide free legal assistance to Alameda County’s low income population remains as strong as ever.

During our 30+ years, VLSC has served more than 35,000 clients, providing legal education, advice and counsel and representation to low-income and poor people in our community. On average, VLSC has supported 300 volunteers annually through training, technical assistance and mentorship. Over the last three decades, VLSC volunteers have logged approximately 60,000 pro bono hours—this translates to $18 million worth of free legal services for Alameda County!

VLSC has grown tremendously from a committee of the ACBA to a separately incorporated program that holds over 30 legal clinics each month. VLSC has also created partnerships with the Court and nearly every single local legal services provider to ensure that coordinated quality legal services are provided without duplication of resources.

As we reflect on our accomplishments, VLSC is grateful for the many supporters and donors throughout the years. Without you, we could not continue to provide quality legal services every day in Alameda County.