Communications Update

We here at the ACBA know that our members are busy people.  We want to make sure that the communication that you get from us is useful, timely, and brief.  To that end, we are making a few changes in 2013. 

One big change is that we are going to send fewer emails.  Instead of sending an email for each new MCLE that gets scheduled, we will send out a biweekly newsletter that contains links and brief descriptions of the courses, along with fun features like spotlights on our members and lively commentary on topical issues.  Access to more detailed descriptions of upcoming MCLEs will of course be available through the calendar on the website, and we will also feature them on our blog

Blog?  What blog?  The ACBA now has a blog where we will be posting articles about events and trainings, litigation tips, and other articles of interest similar to what has been available in The Bulletin

Well what’s going to appear in The Bulletin then?  Nothing.  After many, many years of providing a printed magazine to our members, we are going digital.  This change is the result of several things, most important of which is that it is what our members want.  Surveys have shown us that members want access to information quickly and when it’s convenient to them.  Most flip quickly through The Bulletin and then toss it in the recycling can, which is one of the other reasons we are no longer printing the magazine.  The ACBA signed the Environmental Law Section's eco-pledge, promising to do our part to reduce our carbon footprint and be kinder to mother earth. 

One of the reasons that members join the ACBA is for the opportunity to network.  ACBA is now on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn (members will be receiving an email in early February to join our members-only group).  Please join us online for some digital networking and let us know what you think!  We want to post content that is interesting and relevant to you so by all means let us know if you want to see more or less of something, or if you have ideas for other kinds of posts. 

We hope that you will find these changes for the better.  Please share your thoughts with us--we'd love to know what you think!