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Founders with Cynthia Chandler -
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Founders Series

Founders chronicles stories behind successful CA law businesses. Each session features interviews with successful law firm and legal business founders on how they got where they are and where they are headed. Dive deep into how legal businesses pivot, grow, scale, and thrive through challenges. 

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BALI is a coaching community for solo attorneys dedicated to providing affordable legal services and promoting social justice. We are an access to justice project of the Alameda County Bar Association in collaboration with five California law schools and the Alameda County Law Library.  

Upcoming Interviews

  • Founders with Cynthia Chandler – September 
  • Founders with Cynthia Chandler – October 
  • Founders with Cynthia Chandler – November 
  • Founders with Cynthia Chandler – December 12/12/2022

Past Interviews – Watch On Demand

  • The Making of Lamano Law Office – 3/14: Watch here
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  • The Making of Landerholm Immigration, A.P.C. – 5/9: Watch here


Cynthia Chandler is a change agent, founder, business coach, and attorney. Her innovations include launching the first organization advancing the rights of HIV+ women in prison, creating the compassionate release process allowing for the release from prison of terminally ill people, cofounding the Eviction Defense Center, and co-founding Critical Resistance and Justice Now, early prison abolitionist organizations influencing the Black Lives Matter network. Cynthia has spent the last 20 years campaigning to end and win reparations for coerced sterilization of people in prison, culminating in legislative victory in 2020 making California the 3rd state to provide reparations for survivors of historic State eugenics programs and the 1st state to provide reparations to people coercively sterilized in State prisons. Her work to end sterilization abuse is featured in the Emmy Award winning and Peabody nominated documentary Belly of the Beast. Cynthia currently is working to democratize the rule of law as Director of BALI | Bay Area Legal Incubator, where she supports diverse attorneys in building successful law practices serving heretofore untapped, disenfranchised communities. BALI is an access to justice project of the Alameda County Bar Association in collaboration with five California Law Schools. Cynthia has received numerous prestigious honors for her contributions to the legal profession, including the Auburn Lives of Commitment Award Celebrating Women of Moral Courage, ABA Pro Bono Publico Award, the California Women Lawyers Fay Stender Award, and the inaugural Ford Foundation Leadership for a Changing World Award.