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Domestic Violence: Statutes You Need to Know When Litigating a Child Custody Matter

12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
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Have you ever wondered how custody is affected by Domestic Violence? Are you unclear on what statutes are relevant and why? Learn how to craft a persuasive argument protecting children from abuse. This training will cover key domestic violence statutes that often arise in family law cases (primarily custody-related statutes) and the social science research behind them.

While California has several well-crafted statutes that apply to cases involving child custody where domestic violence is present, many attorneys are not aware of the statutes and how they interact with each other. Better utilization of the statutes also will facilitate appeals in cases where the court makes an adverse ruling. This training will focus on California Family Code Sections 3011, 3020, and 3044, and the social science data that supports the enactment of these policies.

Nancy Lemon
1/1/0001 12:00 AM
Professor Nancy Lemon is the Co-Founder and Legal Director of Family Violence Appellate Project in Berkeley. A leading authority on domestic violence for more than 30 years, she has pioneered the study of domestic violence in law schools and is the author of Domestic Violence Law, the premiere textbook on the subject (West Group, 3d. Ed. 2009). As director of the Domestic Violence Unit of Alameda County’s Legal Aid Society, she was instrumental in creating the Southern Alameda County Domestic Violence Law Project. She subsequently served as coordinator of the Mid-Peninsula Support Network and was legal program director of Battered Women’s Alternatives. She has also worked as a staff attorney for Alameda County’s Family Violence Law Center.
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