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NCMC: Mediating in the Shadow of the Heart

9:00 AM - 4:30 PM
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The Northern California Mediation Center presents
Mediating in the Shadow of the Heart
Integrating Intellectual and Emotional Intelligence in Dispute Resolution

September 20, 2013
9:00 am - 4:30 pm
Muir Woods Conference Room, 175 N Redwood Drive, in San Rafael, California
6 MCLE credit hours

Virtually every dispute has both a legal and an emotional/psychological component. Most mediators tend to focus exclusively on what might be termed the legal case, when it is often the emotional case that holds the key to resolution of the case as a whole. This advanced training will teach participants how to recognize, disentangle and work skillfully to resolve both the emotional and legal components of conflicts in a seamless and integrated way. Participants will learn how to deepen their emotional intelligence in the context of dispute resolution, and to integrate their emotional and intellectual intelligences so they can respond ably to the exigencies of the moment. Group exercises using complex dispute scenarios will enable participants to learn invaluable skills, such as how to use the “emotional outcroppings” that often appear in mediations to identify when and how emotional issues are driving a case, as well as how to recognize when the legal and emotional issues in a case have become conflated. Trainees will learn how to disentangle parties’ emotional/psychological and legal issues, help the parties to address and resolve the emotional issues directly, and re-integrate the emotional and legal cases so parties can work together to maximize the legal and business options available.

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