Privileges and Protections: Anti-SLAPP Case Analysis

Craig L. Schelske, ex-husband of country singer Sara Evans, recently brought a lawsuit against celebrity gossip impresario Harvey Levin and his co-defendants (the TMZ parties) alleging that they incorrectly stated that, during the Schelske-Evans marriage, Mr. Schelske maintained on his cell phone “hundreds” of images of himself involved in extramarital sex.Read More

ACBA Member Spotlight: Frederick Hertz

Frederick Hertz is an attorney with offices in Oakland and San Francisco. In addition to his legal practice, which focuses on drafting real property co-ownership agreements, cohabitation agreements, and premarital agreements, Frederick also works as a mediator and arbitrator. He has a special emphasis on the mediation of co-ownership and other disputes between married and unmarried couples, business partners, tenants-in-common, co-owners, family members, and domestic partners.Read More