Our Mission

Our mission is to promote excellence in the legal profession and to facilitate equal access to justice.

ACBA Bylaws

The Alameda County Bar Association Bylaws serve as the primary governing document of the bar association. The Board makes minor changes to the ACBA Bylaws on an as-needed basis, and a full review of the Bylaws was conducted in 2009, as part of the ACBA strategic plan.

The ACBA values accountability and transparency and will gladly provide copies of our annual audit report and Form 990 upon request. Especially during a time of such uncertainty, surrounding both for and not-for-profit organizations, we want to assure our members and the public that the ACBA is financially sound and fiscally responsible. To request copies of our annual audit report and/or Form 990 please contact ACBA Accountant/HR Manager Dianne Hatcher at (510) 302-2207 or dianne@acbanet.org.