Distinguished Service Awards and Board Installation Luncheon 2013

Below is sample of photos from the Board Installation and Distinguished Service Awards Luncheon. 
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Some of the Distinguished Award receipients

Judge Stuart Hing and his wife Rhoda

Judge Tara Flanagan and Jason Clay

2013 ACBA Officers

Cheryl Poncini and John Verber

Donahue Gallagher Woods table

Commisioner Culver and Judge Carvill

Eva Paterson and Judge Kandis Westmore

Diane Bellas and Brendon Woods from the Office of the Alameda County Public Defender

Tim Hallahan accepting his award for Individual Lawyer


Judy Schwart from the Fremont Famiily Resource Center


Heather Chang accepting her award for Young Lawyer


Congratulations to our 2013 Board of Directors:

Rowena Gargalicana, President
Jason Clay, President Elect
Robert Frassetto, Vice-President
Sally J. Elkington, Past-President

Eric Handler
Michael P. Johnson
Richard J. Lee
Micha Star Liberty
Pelayo A. Llamas, Jr.
Toni Mims-Cochran
Catherine Ongiri
Cheryl Poncini
Stephanie Sato
Nedra A. Shawler
Ruben Sundeen
Delia Trevino
John J. Verber
Michael Makdisi (Barristers)