Self-Study MCLE credit

Need MCLE credits in a hurry? Can't attend a program in person at our office?

According to the Rules of the State Bar, Title 2, Div. 4, Rule 2.83 Self-study, "A member may claim up to half the credit hours required in a compliance period for: 

(A) completing activities for which attendance is not verified by a provider; 
(B) taking an open- or closed-book self-test and submitting it to a provider who returns it with a grade and explanations of
     correct answers; or 
(C) authoring or co-authoring written materials that 
     (1) have contributed to the member’s legal education; 
     (2) have been published or accepted for publication; and 
     (3) were not prepared in the ordinary course of employment or in connection with an oral presentation at an approved
          educational activity. 

The ACBA currently offers substantive articles periodically on the blog, ACBA News, which each count as one hour of self-study MCLE credit. As a courtesy to members, the ACBA may provide a certificate for completion of these self-study exercises. The State Bar of California requires attorneys to track their own self-study education, and does not require providers to provide certificates for self-study activities. Please see below for a list of the current MCLE self-study articles:

If you have any questions about self-study MCLE credit, contact Jocelyn Bartlett at or (510) 302-2201.