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Privacy in the Workplace

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
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Privacy and legal rights issues seem to be in the headlines daily, and these issues affect so many areas of business and law. This program will provide some basic guidance to attorneys practicing in the areas of employment law and business law on the following topics:
  • Employer’s policies regarding employees’ use of social media
  • Employee monitoring -- cameras in the workplace
  • Drug testing by employers
  • Privacy rights surrounding use or access to employee medical information (or genetic information for employee wellness plans)
  • Employees’ personal use of company computers (including internet searches) and e-mail

A deli lunch will be provided.

*New Admittees must contact the Membership Assistant, Jocelyn Bartlett, at (510) 302-2201 to register at the $20 reduced rate.

Kristin L. Oliveira
9/3/2014 12:00 AM
Kristin L. Oliveira is Of Counsel with Hirschfeld Kraemer and practices in the firm’s San Francisco office. She specializes in wrongful termination, harassment, discrimination, class action wage and hour litigation, employment advice and counsel, and internal workplace investigations. Kristin has over fourteen years of experience litigating employment cases in federal and state courts.
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1 hr(s)