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Law & Motion in Unlawful Detainer & Collection Cases

12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
1000 Broadway
Suite 480
Oakland CA, 94607
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Please bring your lunch and join us for a brown-bag event when Judge Evelio Grillo, who hears law and motion in Department 31, will discuss legal and factual issues that arise frequently in unlawful detainer cases, collections cases, and default judgement applications.

Judge Grillo will touch on the role of the court when one or more parties are self-represented, due process requirements, evidence issues, and the conditional settlements containing an installment payment provision. Topics will include a discussion of the most frequently committed evidentiary errors in default and law and motion collection and unlawful detainer proceedings, appellate court decisions impacting the enforcement of settlement agreements, and due process requirements for the enforcement of conditional settlement agreements. There will be a brief question and answer period at the conclusion of the program during which attorneys may ask non-case-specific questions regarding the procedures and policies followed in Department 31.

Judge Evelio M. Grillo
Law & Motion in Unlawful Detainer Cases
6/7/2013 12:00 AM
Judge Evelio Grillo has been a judge in Alameda County since 2003, and has been in Department 31 since January 2012. Judge Grillo hears law and motion in Department 31. He is responsible for default judgment applications in collections cases and pre-trial law and motion matters for unlawful detainer cases before the filing of responsive pleadings. Prior to being assigned to Department 31 in December 2011, Judge Grillo presided over trials in civil cases. Judge Grillo practiced law with the firms of Grillo & Stevens LLP, and Pettit & Martin, among others, before his appointment to the bench in 2003.
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