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Classified Ads 

Brief Writing 

Freelance attorney available to provide legal research and writing services on a project-by-project basis for other attorneys.  Prior experience includes three years as a federal judicial law clerk in California.  Licensed in California. For more information, please visit

Cloud Based Bookkeeping

IOLTA365 is a cloud based bookkeeping service specifically for IOLTA accounts. We handle the bookkeeping and keep your IOLTA account records in compliance with CA Rule 4-100. The lawyer provides electronic copies of all banking records and we create: (1) the main account register, (2) an individual ledger for each client matter, and (3) a three-way reconciliation showing the main register balance, total of all individual ledgers, and the adjusted bank statement balance. The fee is $25 monthly + $20 per hour. Please contact us via message on Twitter @IOLTA365 or via email Thank you.  

Marathon Records™ - your complete IOLTA resource is a complete resource center for the solo and small firm lawyer.  IOLTA One is an online bookkeeping application designed specifically for IOLTA accounts that reduces the task of keeping compliant records to a simple data entry function.  IOLTA One prevents the most common IOLTA account errors and automatically produces a chronological account register, individual client ledgers, and a three-way reconciliation report in compliance with the rules of professional conduct and ALTA best practices.  Visit us online at and sign up for a free trial.

Reconciliation Example - IOLTA One       Register Example - IOLTA One     Negative Balance Example - IOLTA One

Classified Ads - Office Space

Two Full Service Offices

Two full service offices at 19th and Harrison Streets near Lake Merritt available for lease 1/1/16. Located in a Class A building with full amenities, both offices have sweeping views. Reception services, use of photocopier with scanning ability, wireless internet, mail facilities, kitchen, and 2 conference rooms available for use. Possible space for additional support staff available. Each office $1,250 per month. Contact Christine Dell, 510.832.2583, or for further information.

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